Wooden fire doors

Doors mcr DREW PLUS and AKUSTIC provide not only guarantee of safety but also posh design and excellent finishing. All adjusted to client's needs. mcr DREW are available with improved noise insulation properties, widely used in hotels, cinemas, theatres, concert halls and conference rooms etc., as well as high-standard spaces.


  • noise insulation properties up to 32 dB
  • smoke tightness class Sa and Sm
  • single or double-leaf
  • solid or with fireproof glazing
  • side glazed or full panel partitions available
  • wooden or steel door frame
  • single-leaf door EI 30 available in 2nd class of burglary resistance according to ENV 1627:2006
  • finishing:
    1. natural or modified veneer
    2. laminate
    3. paint coatings


mcr DREW EI 30: EI2 30 
mcr DREW EI 60: EI2 60


mcr DREW PLUS: up to 33 dB
mcr DREW ACUSTIC: up to 43 dB


mcr DREW PLUS: The door-leaf has a layered structure. The core is made of solid pine wood (composite timber), and then lined on both sides with chipboards or the MDF plates.
mcr DREW ACUSTIC: The door leaf panel has a layered structure consisting of materials of various densities. Such a construction ensures high noise insulation properties, even though the thickness is relatively small.


Depending on the customer’s request, the door can be veneered, laminated or painted in any colour from the RAL palette.



  • single or double leaf-doors
  • solid or glazed with fireproof glass
  • smoke-resistant (class S 60)


  • wood or steel (corner, inner or embracing)


wood or steel


mcr DREW PLUS: Just as in the case of other door types, according to the customer’s request we can use a selected version of accessories and apply any finish to the leaf, complying at the same time with the requirements defined in the technical approval. Wooden doors can be fitted with threshold sealing in the form of a self-dropping strip. This solution ensures smoke-tightness and improves noise insulation properties. To enhance door resistance to mechanical damage, we use additional protective devices in the form of fender beams made of stainless steel, mounted at the lower part of the leaf or at the handle. We offer a wide range of hinges and hardware.

mcr DREW ACUSTIC: Parameters and aesthetic finish of the doors fully meet the requirements of high-standard hotel facilities.


Technical Approval AT-15-8563/2011
mcr DREW wooden fire door and partitions and mcr DREW AKUSTIK
Certificate of Conformity ITB -2274/W