Steel fire doors

Maximum safety, good noise insulation properties and modern design comprise the basic advantages of fire protection steel doors mcr ALPE.


  • full range of sizes
  • single or double-leaf version
  • glazings or fire protection ventilation grills mcr Isotrans
  • noise insulation properties Rw up to 37 dB (EI 60)
  • smoke-tight version of Sm and Sa class (self-dropping strip mounted)
  • as standard, a corner door frame is used – it is possible to use internal or embracing one, both door leaves
  • and door frames are made of steel galvanised sheet
  • powder-coated in any colour from the RAL palette – in order to protect steel elements against the corrosion


  • mcr ALPE EI 30 EI 1 20 /EI 2 30 / EW 60  
  • mcr ALPE EI 60 EI 1 30 /EI 2 60/ EW 60 
  • mcr ALPE W EI 60 EI 1 30 /EI 2 60
  • mcr ALPE EI 120 EI 1 60 /EI 2 120


The production of steel doors is based on unique technology, which involves procedure of joining steel sheets in door leaves by bending and riveting. This solution guarantees high resistance to corrosion and perfectly smooth surface of the door leaf.


The doors are made of galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheets (on special customer request). Door leaves are filled with mineral wool of high density and plasterboard depending on the type of the door.


  • pre-coated steel sheets RAL 7035, 5010, 9002, 9006, 9007, 9010, 9016
  • powder -painted to any RAL colour from RAL palette) , including two- colour powder painted finish (also available in NCS colour from NCS palette on a special customer request). 
  • stainless steel finish

Standard doors are being produced using pre-coated steel sheets RAL 7035.
Doors leaves are wrapped with foil in order to protect during the transport and the assembly.


  • single or double–leaf 
  • with fire resistance up to EI 2 120 (additionally we offer doors without fire resistance)
  • solid or filled with fire rated glass
  • oversize with maximum height or width 3,5 m (double–leaf EI 2 60)
  • louvered 
  • smoke-tight (class Sa and Sm)

Door frames:

  • corner
  • internal (block)
  • embracing

As additional and optional accessories we offer:

  • various types of locks and handles (PVC, stainless steel ,anti-panic) or automatic closing 
  • electric strikes used for access control
  • stainless steel kick plates
  • door stops
  • ventilation grills (with or without fire resistance)
  • bottom finish: steel or stainless steel thresholds, self-dropping seals 
  • drip caps for external doors
  • self-closing devices: door closers and door coordinators (for door leaves closing sequence), hinges (which in particular cases may perform the function of self-closing device)

Technical Approval AT-15-2841/2011 
mcr ALPE steel fire door EI 30, EI 60
Certificate of Conformity ITB-2273/W

Technical Approval AT-15-8478/2010
mcr ALPE PLUS steel fire door
Certificate of Conformity ITB -2280/W

Technical Approval AT-15-9005/2013
mcr ALPE steel fire door EI 120
Certificate of Conformity ITB-2277/W